Lazy Sunday Thinking: Time Well Spent

When we are young, our parents tell us that watching too much television isn’t good for us. They say that sunshine and outdoor activities are in our best interests. Despite their efforts, we spend as much time in front of the tube as we can.

These days many medical studies have been done on the effects of too much leisure time spent in front of a TV, and it’s been suggested that it increases our risk of heart related diseases by almost 48 percent. Regardless of this, we spend even more time in front of our televisions. I for one, am extremely guilty of this. In fact, no matter the consequences, I often choose to spend time watching TV rather than going out to eat or hanging out with friends. I enjoy the quiet of my house, with nothing but my oversize television screen and a bowl of treats as I watch a plethora of my favorite shows.

The question I pose to you, dear readers, is, what is your definition of too much time spent in front of the television?

Also, if you, like me, spend considerable amounts of time watching your favorite you consider it time well spent?

I am eager to hear your thoughts on this!