It’s Timey-Wimey, Wibbly-Wobbly!

D: Believe what?

A: It’s here!

D: . . . Vague must be your trademark. What is here?

A: The Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Courtesy the Dr. Who Hub on Facebook
Courtesy the Dr. Who Hub on Facebook

D: Ah, your other favorite time traveler.

A: Yeah, my other favorite (eye-roll). I don’t believe in spoilers, so I’ve actually been avoiding most of the links to follow – except for the quizzes and the informational-type stuff about the history of Who.

Fun Who

Who in the Who-verse are you?

Which Who are you?

D: Well, who were you, A?

A: I was an Ood, and the Second Doctor.

D: (Snort)

A:What’s so funny?

D: You hold your hindbrain in your hands, and you are something of a free spirit who tricks people into thinking she is less than she is in order to get what she wants.

A: Yep.

D: Dangerous combination. For more Dr. Who fun, check this out:

Put yourself in the Opening Credits (Facebook required)

50 Years of Who

There’s so much out there on the 50th Anniversary, we could barely keep up. We hope that the goodies in these links keep you entertained until the simulcast tomorrow!

BBC Programmes: Dr. Who

US Whovians, celebrate 50 years of Who with BBC America!

Night of the Doctor – Mini Episode/Day of the Doctor Prequel:


Day of the Doctor Sneak Peeks @ Dr. Who Save the Day

Playing Favorites

What would A’s very favorite doctor steal from 11?

Learn more about 10.

That’s certainly not all that’s out there on tomorrow’s anniversary special, but D and I hope that it will either snag your interest, sate your appetite until tomorrow, or at the very least, help you on your way to finding out more!

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